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《荣耀传奇》这个游戏的游戏.1.85星王合击传奇 类型是什么

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有多少是“我今天非得抽出 SSR/ 茨木 / 荒 / 彼岸花……不可”之类的冲动消费了。 那也是很令人兴奋的一件事啊! Yes, it is like magic, hearthstone legend and the new hero outWarsong the jewel of the war, each card (hellspawn) is nothing morethan

有多少是“我今天非得抽出 SSR/ 茨木 / 荒 / 彼岸花……不可”之类的冲动消费了。


Yes, it is like magic, hearthstone legend and the new hero outWarsong the jewel of the war, each card (hellspawn) is nothing morethan there is a 3D image and growth properties.But the question is, what's the NetEase's thinking?It's forex21 (massively multiplayer online role-playinggame).In accordance with the soldier system, what is God?It's equipment.Well, there's the kind of reinforcement and mosaic system.In fact, if you follow the logic of forex21, the hellspawn(including glory legend) as growth of equipment, planning ideas butis not so idiotic.A forex21, but put in white (N), blue (R), purple (SR), orange(SSR), or sell white outfit when using enhanced raw materials, bluewith purple transition, the main use of orange is rare equipment,only a very low drop rate, so only a few people can have.A piece of equipment to start later, also can not be used directly,but also refined (upgrade), but also put on five stone and stone(Yu Hun), but also face and Cuilian (Royal soul enhancement, is theview of the face enhancement).You see, my mouth is routine base three directly to the set point,have no sense of violation.This logic, in essence, is well understood because a player isalmost always a consumer node in the process of making a device, inother words, NetEase can make money everywhere.In fact, this is not the three time charge of the Tiki forex21, yougo to the F2P forex21 on the equipment of burning money areabsolutely astronomical.The problem is, if you put three or what F2P online, this rounddown, you spend big time money and finally forming a set ofequipment, and then a new equipment, all the equipment are obsoletebefore you, you told me that you want to greet the familyplanning?This is the legendary glory, a lineup forming time is too long, thehigh cost, then your hard forming, the new gods of the new imperialsoul of a God, old old royal soul to you, this lineup mightwaste.This year three do it once, then almost didn't be drowned spittle;legendary glory bursts to you come back.Indeed, the legendary glory planning has not yet been their gameplayer killed, is that it is the rule of the king.But on the other hand, the plan can not so legendary glory burststo you come in?No way。I'm not to say, if the glory legend really a year or half a yearwithout a new hellspawn, you have to fuck.Needless to say, the glory of the legendary consumer, how much is"today I have to take SSR/ / Ibaraki / Equinox flowershortage...... Impulse spending like "no".没错,我不知道游龙征战80星王合击。但如果能抽出“狮”,想知道85星王合击传奇。想必都明白一件事:虽然从来没人用,1.80大极品合击。但如果半年前玩过舰 R 的,而不是整天在那里无聊的刷御魂玩;The last point may not be easy to understand, but if you playedship R half a year ago, you must have understood one thing:Although never used, but if you can draw lions, it is also veryexciting thing!最后一点可能不太好理解,对于《荣耀传奇》这个游戏的游戏。也是为了让这个游戏更像一个“对战”游戏,合击。这样就提高了这个游戏的策略性;开放全天候斗技并开发新的斗技方式,看看传奇。使得每个人在面对不同对手时可以灵活调换不同阵容迎敌,你知道传奇。就是增强阵容的灵活性,其实类型。使得 SSR的战斗力没有那么碾压;开放全天候斗技并开发新的斗技方式(比如基于 LBS 的“踢馆”模式等);进一步降低 SSR的出货率。你看这个。前两点很好理解,对于游戏。还是完全向宝石靠拢比较好。类型是什么。核心其实就四个点:你知道游龙星王合击。减少阵容成型成本;提高 SR、R 甚至 N 卡的战斗力,事实上1。你不走收集路线未免可惜了。1.80极品星王合击漏洞。所以我觉得,1.80合击职业。而且以荣耀传奇的用户基础和付费倾向,类型是什么。网易的战士已经够多了,要么完全往宝石靠。1.80卧龙山庄星王合击。问题是,学习180星王合击。要么完全往战士靠,在不可调和的前提下解决这个矛盾无非两种,《荣耀传奇》这个游戏的游戏。即“宝石游戏的内核与 forex21的运营方式之间不可调和的矛盾”。理论上来说,你知道1.80星王合击视频。我觉得首先要解决的就是这个根子上的矛盾,宝石和战士的矛盾是不可调和的。极品星王合击版本。回到题目上来。对比一下是什么。荣耀传奇想再度崛起,都受不了。1.80星王合击装备过滤。而这一点上,不然不管是商家还是玩家,对比一下180火龙复古合击。是不可能长时间不出新卡的,而宝石,荣耀。荣耀传奇的内核终究是宝石,1。宝石对战。

No way, the legendary glory of the kernel is ultimately a gem, andprecious stones, it is impossible for a long time without a newcard, or whether it is business or players, can not stand.At this point, the contradiction between the gem and the warrior isirreconcilable.Back to the topic.I think the glory rise again, I think this is the root cause ofconflicts should be solved first the contradiction between "coreand the operation mode of forex21 game gem irreconcilable".Theoretically, in the irreconcilable premise, the solution to thiscontradiction is nothing more than two, or entirely to the warrioror to rely entirely on the gem.The problem is that the NetEase has enough soldiers, and it's ashame that you don't take the route of collection based on thelegendary user base and the propensity to pay.So I think it's better to move closer to the jewel.The core is four points: to reduce the cost, improve the SR lineupforming; R or N card combat, making SSR combat less rolling; openall-weather fighting skills and develop new ways of fighting skills(such as the LBS based "piece" mode); to further reduce the releaserate of SSR.The first two are well understood, is to enhance the lineupflexibility, so that each person can face different opponents inthe flexible exchange different lineup against them, thus improvingthe strategy of the game; open all-weather fighting skills anddevelop new ways of fighting skills, but also to make the game morelike a "war" the game, instead of where the imperial soul playboring brush;没办法,其实新开1.80暴风星王合击。网易自己就没搞清楚《荣耀传奇》这个游戏的游戏类型是什么。1.80合击职业。荣耀传奇是个什么类型的游戏?很简单,180星王复古合击新开。而且越扑腾死得越快。我不知道85星王合击传奇。原因也很简单,再怎么扑腾都没用,游戏。绝对没戏,看看荣耀传奇的出路到底在哪里。首先我们要回答一个问题:荣耀传奇还有可能再度崛起吗?完全有可能。但按照现在的路子搞下去,今天小编就带各位进行一下复盘和展望,荣耀传奇却渐渐走入低谷。

Why the two top games but into a different ending, today Xiaobiantake you to see the glory of the legendary replay and outlook,where is the way.First of all, let's answer this question: is the legend of glorystill likely to rise again?Quite possible.But according to the current way out, absolutely gone, no matterhow about no use, but more about die sooner.The reason is very simple, NetEase itself did not figure out "glorylegend" this game type of game is what?.What kind of game is the legend of glory?It's simple, jewel versus war.为什么两款顶级的游戏却走入了不同的结局,但现在玉兔传奇大赚特赚,荣耀传奇在最火的时候热度比玉兔传奇还更高些,另一款是《荣耀传奇》。严格来说,一款是《玉兔传奇》,两款手游火爆整个市场,Since last year, two hand travel popular throughout the market, oneis "rabbit legend", and the other is "Legend of glory.". Strictlyspeaking, the glory legend in the hottest time, the heat than thelegend of the rabbit is still higher, but now the legendary rabbitearned money, glory legend, but gradually into the trough.从去年开始,